International Resource Seekers

 We're IRS . . . but unlike that other IRS, we really are here to help you! 

How we help you . . .


Saving you time!

We have a world-wide network working  to find the treasure(s) you want or need.    

Your fingers don't have to do the walking.

               Ours will do it for them. 


Saving you money!

 Whether your desire is a hard-to-find rarity or something on the shelves everywhere, we find it at the lowest price.

YOU  tell us how much you want to spend.


Reducing your stress!

You turn over your needs to us and we do the research -- and deliver. 

Here's the way it works . . . .



With over 40 years of experience, our staff has established strong networks of resources to find exactly what you are looking for at the price you want to pay.


No risk or up-front charges

  • In most cases we do not require any deposits.
  • When we find your item, we will ask for payment.
  • If you are not satisfied, let us know.  In most cases, payment  (less shipping and fees) will be refunded.  


Why you should try our services . . .

  1. With our experience, we can probably find your item quickly.
  2. There are no hidden fees. Our price includes shipping.
  3. There is a money back return policy.
  4. You RELAX while we do the work!

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